What is this website?

That is a great question. The answer: I am not sure.

Broadly, my hope is that this website will serve as a videographic companion to Hitchcock/Truffaut by, ideally:

  1. Translating the conversation between the François Truffaut and Alfred Hitchcock into moving images.
  2. Moving beyond the limitations of the written word and expanding upon their insights into Hitchcock’s filmography.
  3. Discovering new things about Hitchcock through this lab of sounds and images.
  4. Challenging their understandings of Hitchcock’s work.
  5. Serving as a pedagogical tool for those teaching Hitchcock and Hitchcock/Truffaut.
  6. Prompting new conversations about their conversation and Hitchcock’s work.
  7. Publishing a variety of video essays (by me and, hopefully, others) centered on the Hitchcockian themes, motifs, comparisons, etc., discussed in the text.
  8. And more!

This website is currently being produced as an independent study at Middlebury College, supervised by Prof. Christian Keathley.

My knowledge of videographic criticism stems largely from work done by him and Prof. Jason Mittell, with whom I studied the subject in the course Videographic Film & Media Studies in the fall of 2017. My introduction to the work of Alfred Hitchcock and Hitchcock/Truffaut came during that same semester, under the tutelage of Prof. John Bertolini in his course, The Cinema of Alfred Hitchcock.

Questions and ideas pertaining to this project may be sent to me directly: willdigravio@gmail.com.

My personal website is www.willdigravio.com.